Title: Preljocaj's Rite of Spring (RoS3)
created on 08 Mar 14

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1. chelydra wrote:
 Le Sacre du Printemps choreographed by Angelin Prejocaj, Festival Vaison Danses 2010. From photo by Jean-Claude Carbonne.
2. chelydra wrote:
 (I threw in all those high-culture credits in case anyone asks, "But is it art?"
3. mum23 wrote:
 no question...
4. chelydra wrote:
 Thanx. I think this is probably from the last scene, in which the prettiest girl in an ancient Slavic village is given the assignment of dancing herself to death, to welcome in the springtime.
5. chelydra wrote:
 Two other high-culture credits go to hjjr for reminding me that figures are best drawn from inside out (his Nureyev) and to artdillon for showing how concentrating on 'negative space' solves a lot of TD problems.
6. chelydra wrote:
 And another credit to you-know-who for not telling me to stop this nonsense and get some sleep. Thanx again.
7. hjjr wrote:
 form and force
8. clorophilla wrote:
9. Normal wrote:
 I'm accustomed only to the old Diaghilev production, but this certainly expresses the power of Stravinsky's music.
10. Lizzi wrote:
 I like her. What a shape! Dancing herself to death? You have to wonder if why the crackpots usually end up in positions of authority.
11. okeanos wrote:
12. priya41 wrote:
 great work !
13. golehto wrote:
 excellent work :)
14. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Truly outstanding work!
15. marg wrote:
 oh yes..
16. mum23 wrote:
 I keep coming back to this one. She's wonderful!
17. suzze wrote:
18. Fangzzz wrote:
 You unique style and her dance of death come together as one of my favs in your drawing line up. Amazing. I love her.
19. gimzer wrote:

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