Title: Let's Eat!
created on 18 Nov 13

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Comments on this picture (11):
1. mrozowski wrote:
 I like the shading on the turkey.
2. golehto wrote:
 good one :) well done & not dry :)
3. InTheOcean wrote:
 I like how you used the multi-color piece to your advantage-- I always find it hard.
4. pinkie wrote:
 Looks a nicely cooked turkey!
5. Lizzi wrote:
 Well done!(or medium rare?)
6. Bowden wrote:
 Looks Yummy!
7. five wrote:
 well done
8. priya41 wrote:
 great piece of work!
9. KJLavigne wrote:
 Appetizing! Gonna have roast chicken this evening...
10. Normal wrote:
 Just mouth-watering. And by the magic of Grandma's recipes, all ready at the same time.
11. nancylee wrote:
 Never imagined Thanksgiving outside. Hawaii, right?