Title: Lipstick Kiss
created on 16 Jan 09

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Comments on this picture (47):
1. lynnspotter wrote:
 MATTHEW! For your picture?! I'm blushing!!
2. Baldur wrote:
 excellent, actually
3. SaraGrant wrote:
 love the bold simple color scheme.
4. Qsilv wrote:
 hotdamn! that's well done!
5. pebbles wrote:
 you should do this for valentines day.
6. Gonn wrote:
 Is that kiss for me? I'm 61 thank you very much.
7. Login wrote:
 Gonn's gone!
8. anotherronism wrote:
 Matthew. I love your stuff. But I just went through your whole gallery again just to make sure: This is your very best one! NICE!
9. cutegrl289 wrote:
 love it!
10. Baldur wrote:
 Don't encourage him too much anotherronism, you'll give matthew a big head. His next step will be to show us this is a close up of his butt cheek
11. pinkjenibean wrote:
12. puzzler wrote:
 Very fruity!!
13. carredwyn wrote:
14. DMarla wrote:
 I just love this, this is worth more than 5 stars to me.
15. pollyesther wrote:
 so realistic! how do you think of these things?
16. puzzler wrote:
 See my pic of Matthew's brain pollyesther - it'll explain everything!!
17. doodler wrote:
 another 10! But I have to ask, Do you people have a life? Don't get me wrong, I rally enjoy this, but all these great pictures must take a lot of time and most of you aren't retired yet.
18. matthew wrote:
 Who is not retarded yet??? Have you met Baldure & me???
19. tiki244 wrote:
20. sheftali52 wrote:
 oh so nice! simple shapes, but complex picture--wow!
21. doodler wrote:
 retired, not retarded,and no I have not met either of you
22. spritemaster wrote:
 omg! this is... omg! i'm speechless... i just can't explain how happy it makes me that people acctually have imaginations these days!
23. Isis13 wrote:
 OMG, u r breathtaking in your art.
24. ross wrote:
25. NINA wrote:
 X X X to u 2
26. puzzler wrote:
 Hey Matthew, congrats on making Top 5! Seems TD found your lips irresitible too!
27. cherrysoda12 wrote:
 this is REALLY good!
28. JesusisLord_911 wrote:
 @ doodler lol sooo true. who has enough time to do that?
29. marie09 wrote:
 lol love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
30. LaDonna wrote:
 S.M.A.K. Congratulations #5 on making the top 5
31. pollyesther wrote:
 Gratz on t5, this an excellent pic!
32. dani_conejo17 wrote:
 oh I love this- it's so creative!! thanks- yeah...I'm new to this...but it's fun
33. lyrielou wrote:
 didn't you use mini rasberries and a big one for the lip? I t totally looks like it!
34. Isis13 wrote:
35. BubblyGirl wrote:
 I really like this good job
36. Dragon wrote:
 Oooh, I'm so glad this one got into the top 5! I think this is my favorite of yours matthew.
37. treehugger wrote:
 one word. Awesome!!!
38. donnalovespink12 wrote:
 5 words how did you make that
39. maddyjean08 wrote:
 4 words.... how is that possible?
40. LeAnnpop7 wrote:
 I love what you dun!
41. lilalee wrote:
 Hey, the Betty Boop symbol!!
42. eliza wrote:
 very cool!
43. autumn wrote:
 matthew, my mother passed away in 1956 I was born in 54...one of the things I have of her is a receipt with her lip print...this is soooo like it. can't believe I missed it before..just beautiful
44. imnobody wrote:
 awesome !!! <3
45. marg wrote:
 good on you, buddy !
46. beckyboo wrote:
47. Samantha_R wrote:
 way cool!