Title: Gloucester
created on 14 Jan 09

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1. haily22 wrote:
 Gloucester is a natinal park in Massachusetts.It's the oldest fishing port there!Gloucester was built in 1623.I know this isn't exactaly the picture of Gloucester but I thought I can at least try so..... what do you think? Good or bad. Don't worrie tell m
2. haily22 wrote:
 me I won't get mad sad or angry. Just give me your real opinion
3. Baldur wrote:
 Actually haily22 i do recognize this as the Fisherman's memorial, though it looks like the ship's wheel got banged up pretty bad in a storm.
4. Baldur wrote:
 'To those who go down to the sea in ship.....' Great job
5. lynnspotter wrote:
 It does look like a fisherman with a boats wheel in his hand!
6. qwer wrote:
 I recognized it immediately, good job and I like the wheel. Strong figure.
7. matthew wrote:
 you captured the intention very well... The only question is... did you enjoy doing it... if so... then it is your perfect artistic impression...
8. haily22 wrote:
 OMG!!thank u all of u! I am speechless! haha this is my best pic
9. macles1 wrote:
 this is my newer account im still haily22 but i wanted another account so plez check out my new account!!!
10. Login wrote:
 Why do you need two!
11. macles1 wrote:
 Because this sight is really fun!
12. haily22 wrote:
 mmm hm

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