Title: Great Wall of China 2008
created on 12 Aug 08

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1. Teresa wrote:
 Good effect of using RED lips for the RED sky of China --- that royal color, forbidden to peasants, until recently. I also like the "seeing eyes".
2. MILAVILAx3 wrote:
 I didn't even read the title and I instantly thought Great Wall of China! It has a sense of beauty and passion.
3. just94 wrote:
 really cool. thats all i got to say:)
4. craftycarol wrote:
 fantastic, it has real perspective and you got the olympic rings in too:)
5. jackpac wrote:
 this picher sucks it dosent look like the great wall of china
6. Login wrote:
 Ha, Ha! I love your ideas.
7. Login wrote:
  ... and don't take any notice of the picher basher.
8. me404 wrote:
 OMG!!!!! I Totally Love Your Ideas!!!

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