Title: van Gogh, Skull with a Cigarette
created on 10 Jan 09

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1. Amcha wrote:
 Mr. Gogh?
2. Amcha wrote:
 Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette, 1886
3. puzzler wrote:
 I didn't know he did this. This is fabulous!!
4. puzzler wrote:
 Are the paintings in the illusions website yours?
5. franflair wrote:
 Whoa! Very cool!
6. Luna wrote:
 Amcha got it! Way to go. Yes, puzzler, the paintings in the Illusions website are mine. (actually, so is the website)
7. qwer wrote:
 Too much GMO?
8. Luna wrote:
 Whats GMO? (you have to pretty much spell things out for me) :)
9. farwall wrote:
 GMO is genetically modified organism. There is absolutely no nutritional value in the food. In fact most water is acidic. Check out iluvwater.com
10. raydog wrote:
 puff,puff,& puff
11. Jovi wrote:
 I had a chance to see this painting (in real life - versus cyber life) and it was shocking. (Plus an interesting insight, considering the times.) Excellent work with this, Luna!
12. Luna wrote:
 Lucky you! I'd love to see it!
13. childra wrote:
 My dad would like this.
14. pookielol3 wrote:
15. NINA wrote:
16. Login wrote:
 Don't ask me how I missed this ... must have been smoke in my eyes. Congratulations ... top 5 candy.
17. puzzler wrote:
 So glad this made the top 5 - congrats to you!
18. LaDonna wrote:
 Congratulations #3 on the top 5
19. sschmied56 wrote:
 Looks like the cover of the David Sedaris book "When You are Engulfed in flames".
20. maddyjean08 wrote:
 congratz on top 5!!!!