Title: summer sky
created on 04 Aug 12

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1. clorophilla wrote:
 I can even smell the scent of the grass releasing the warm of the sun in the misty refreshing of night...
2. mdawrcn wrote:
 Very nice!
3. pinkie wrote:
 Pretty summer sky!
4. indigo wrote:
 So wonderful and mysterious! ^J^
5. Normal wrote:
 Such a pretty sky! Far from the light pollution of the town.
6. linmar wrote:
 beautiful! you've well captured the hue and brilliance of the summer night!
7. Meander wrote:
 So beautiful!!
8. Burgandy wrote:
 Agree with all above:)
9. Lizzi wrote:
 It is shimmering with energy! I get a sense of tingling.
10. AFSOUTH wrote:
 What a truly wonderful summer sky kata!
11. polenta wrote:
12. Lolla wrote:
 In the city with all the lights we don't see the sky anymore like that. Thanx for reminding me of the beauty of creation.
13. golehto wrote:
  beautiful :)
14. lesley_gene wrote:
 A real beauty kata! :)
15. mekeys wrote:
 Great picture and Playback..
16. bluemoon wrote:
17. ANGELAotheracct wrote:
 :o Wonderful!

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