Title: inspired
created on 23 Dec 11

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1. Arw65 wrote:
 inspired by kinkade
2. linmar wrote:
 beautifully done!
3. hanging wrote:
 cozy looking house in the snow with the fuzzy moon... lovely winter scene!
4. sandm wrote:
 ditto linmar, warm and inviting atmosphere.
5. mrozowski wrote:
 The thumbnail is gorgeous. The PB was enlightening, no pun intended.
6. 56rosie wrote:
 Greeting Card Perfect!
7. Mila wrote:
 wooooooooow this is amazing! Arw bravo!!!
8. stevedover1965 wrote:
 As good as it gets Ash ... Beautiful scene.
9. hjjr wrote:
 inspiring. . .
10. minime2767 wrote:
 So cozy and inviting! Love it!
11. kmkagle wrote:
 Lovely work!
12. polenta wrote:
 better impossible... merry Christmas!
13. Lizzi wrote:
 I love those bright windows and the lamplight spilling out onto the snow. Awesome.
14. tinkerer wrote:
 Lovely . . . I want to be inside there.
15. GMTJ wrote:
 So cozy, can imagine people sitting and enjoying their time inside the house:)
16. Normal wrote:
 Wouldn't give you a dime for Kincade, but this is delightful!
17. pinkie wrote:
 Lovely picture. Such care and attention to detail!
18. golehto wrote:
  beautifuly done :)
19. DilCoura wrote:
20. KJLavigne wrote:
21. Shanley wrote:
 beautiful work!
22. clorophilla wrote:
 it really seems a paint on a canvas... lovely and so warm place for Xmas night!
23. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 So beautiful!
24. DebbieBreau wrote:
25. suzze wrote:
26. Login wrote:
 This has everything ... great composition ... irrisistable.
27. gimzer wrote:
 very pretty
28. gair wrote:
 Congrats on top 5, beautiful as always.
29. chelydra wrote:
30. bluemoon wrote:
 amazing. happy new year!
31. priya41 wrote:
32. 038007 wrote:
 wow! i wish i could do that!
33. jaxx wrote:
 amazing !!!
34. bagel wrote:
 teach me how to do that!!
35. haillen wrote:
36. lotte01 wrote:
 FANTASTIC I have no other words
37. Suleidona wrote: