Title: Kid (most important job)
created on 16 Sep 11

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Comments on this picture (24):
1. indigo wrote:
 You're so right! Beautifully done chelydra.
2. clorophilla wrote:
 what a beauty!
3. bluemoon wrote:
4. Lizzi wrote:
 You make it look so easy! I like it.
5. linmar wrote:
 amazing! you are so creative!
6. mrozowski wrote:
 I really admire your use of negative space. Wonderful.
7. mdawrcn wrote:
 Perfect little face.
8. nancylee wrote:
 That is the truth!
9. five wrote:
 another charmer
10. randylynne wrote:
 love the beautiful mouth/smile
11. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Beautiful and powerful truth!
12. marius wrote:
13. mum23 wrote:
 Great sentiment in the title and that little smile is totally delightful.
14. hjjr wrote:
 most dear... out of favorites but that's alright because i visit your works often anyway
15. Qsilv wrote:
 Titus?! ;>
16. chelydra wrote:
 Well, it was Mum's rembrandt that got my competitive juices flowing... especially seeing that after she said she wished she could do what I do (hah)
17. chelydra wrote:
 but then Rubens seemed like a nice idea, and I realized he's best with little kids and teenage girls, and this is a little girl by Rubens, sort of
18. chelydra wrote:
 But I don't have the patience any more it seems to do full-feathered fleshy finished work here, so here she is
19. mebu27 wrote:
20. Login wrote:
 A beauty all the same ... but I hope you will continue to draw superb portraits for us.
21. suzze wrote:
22. NADIA wrote:
 It's fabulous!
23. sner wrote:
 I don't know, I think I like the sparseness of it best. All that negative space, like she sort of faded into the picture...
24. scruffy009 wrote:
 all your art is really, good! mine, is well, i dont have the patience, and when you are young, well like me its er...LONG but i love real drawing, i am really good, all my teachers think i am bril, and my mum and every one else, i dont boast though (heh

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