Title: Icy Stare ................. (in flowers)
created on 02 Jul 11

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1. Arw65 wrote:
2. marg wrote:
 LOL.. love it, matthew !
3. marg wrote:
 what's the bet that this will be one of the top pics ever ? :)
4. matthew wrote:
 This was for the forum challenge "Play it again Sam"... I found the red & yellow much easier :P
5. matthew wrote:
 Thanks & I highly doubt that Marg...
6. Dogy wrote:
 very good;)
7. gimzer wrote:
 Red and yellow may have been easier, but i like this one better!
8. clorophilla wrote:
 I will not bet against you Marg... quite sure it will top! I love the frozen look!!!
9. Amcha wrote:
 wow! :))
10. bluemoon wrote:
 Just amazing!!
11. stevedover1965 wrote:
 I like these colors better fantastic picture michael
12. stevedover1965 wrote:
 oops matthew I mean must be all those tablets lol
13. katpedro wrote:
 Love it 2.
14. hanging wrote:
 Ditto gimzer.
15. Normal wrote:
 A wonderful replay of the fiery one! Terrific.
16. matthew wrote:
 Twas hoping that 1 vote crud would be over this month... guess they couldn't get it changed in time... :/
17. five wrote:
 nice remake
18. sheftali52 wrote:
 WOW! Very riveting!
19. artdillon wrote:
 if you got it, flaughnt it mathew,green might surprise too.
20. mrozowski wrote:
 Love the blue eye and the PB.
21. nancylee wrote:
 Great interpretation of Say it in Flowers, Matthew!
22. Login wrote:
 Well on its way to Top5.
23. matthew wrote:
 I don't get it... I do not like it... nearly deleted it, but kept it for the forum challenge... Perhaps I am just way too attached to the original...
24. mekeys wrote:
 Well done..
25. mdawrcn wrote:
 I just love these colors.
26. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Absolutely powerful and outstanding work matthew!
27. lesley_gene wrote:
 Wow! They are both fantastic!
28. Login wrote:
 It's just as eye-grabbing as the original, matthew. Equally superb.
29. hjjr wrote:
 eye ♥
30. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Superb! It sends an icy chill through my body just looking at it!!
31. marius wrote:
 Maybe you'll like it in time. My take on things is sometimes strange to others but the red eye feels icy to me and this eye feels inviting. Maybe its because I love lizards and this "feels" like a lizard eye? I don't know. : )
32. marius wrote:
 Anyway, I really like this!
33. mum23 wrote:
 Wow! Fantastic! Funny that you don't like it... to me there's real kindness in this one.
34. indigo wrote:
 I'm a lizard lover and HEY... BLUE! What more can Indigo ask for!! Excellent eye ;]
35. HELEN2007 wrote:
 Aren't you guys real artists in your own life? I think you are.
36. ArtisZen wrote:
37. lesley_gene wrote:
 So glad to see this in Top 5! Congratulations!
38. kassidyrose3993 wrote:
 why can we only flowers
39. Krystenkuhn wrote:
 Congratulations Matthew! Ho DO you do it??!!
40. indigo wrote:
41. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top5 ... well deserved.
42. Buga wrote:
 Absolutely Incredible!!! You star, Matthew!!
43. chelydra wrote:
 I like this a lot... seems more soulful than its predecessors... As well as more convincingly three-dimensional. I think it deserves to outrank your old orange blockbuster
44. docpp wrote:
45. Sandquist wrote:
 like it
46. matthew wrote:
 ... years later & I still do not like it lol