Title: in the shower
created on 11 Jun 11

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Comments on this picture (25):
1. matthew wrote:
 Awesome!!! Hope you are putting it in Qsilv's Forum Challenge...
2. DilCoura wrote:
 Muito bom!!!
3. marg wrote:
 that is some shower - you beaut !
4. clorophilla wrote:
 I agree!
5. marg wrote:
 BTW.. great to see you back - I've missed a lot of pictures recently, but this is just great.. :)
6. mgambrose wrote:
 good one you need to keep doing more
7. mgambrose wrote:
 she hasnt done one in a year
8. hjjr wrote:
 great pic and great to see you back, gocards!
9. Hazer wrote:
 Welcome back, gocards! We've missed you!
10. Lizzi wrote:
 What a great picture and welcome back!
11. jennifk wrote:
12. hanging wrote:
 Great pic!
13. gimzer wrote:
 Well done.
14. KJLavigne wrote:
15. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Outstanding work! You have a wonderful gallery!
16. five wrote:
 well done
17. Normal wrote:
 Truly beautiful!
18. Qsilv wrote:
 oh! This is a delight -- I wish you WOULD have honored the Overlap thread with it! Hope you're well and happy. ;>
19. Login wrote:
 Welcome back, gocards. This is a beaty ... love the steamy effect.
20. Qsilv wrote:
 gocards, I've taken the liberty of posting it --and added a little How To. Come look! http://www.thinkdraw.com/forumPosts.
21. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 This is wonderful!
22. Shanley wrote:
 missed this! wonderful pic!
23. bluemoon wrote:
24. pop1 wrote:
 this is sooo awsome you rock
25. nancylee wrote: