Title: oops
created on 11 Apr 11

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1. indigo wrote:
 ;]...Nicely done! Cute!
2. karbs wrote:
 sooo cute!!!!! luv it
3. kata wrote:
 Poor baby.
4. Normal wrote:
5. Login wrote:
 Nicely done ... swee-ee-eet.
6. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Aaaaaah! The dear baby
7. porkyporks wrote:
8. porkyporks wrote:
 made this while watching gilmore girls ;)
9. KJLavigne wrote:
10. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Very sweet!
11. lesley_gene wrote:
 Aw, very cute!
12. hoodwinked101 wrote:
 omg!!!its soooo CUTE!!!
13. mimilove68 wrote:
 very cute!
14. mimilove68 wrote:
 can i draw something a bit similar
15. porkyporks wrote:
 go ahead
16. mimilove68 wrote:
 thnx how was youre day r test was only multiple chose 50 qestions
17. mimilove68 wrote:
 yay your on :)
18. porkyporks wrote:
 lets do this by email instead. ok?
19. mimilove68 wrote:
 r u on again im desperat to talk to someone
20. porkyporks wrote:
 ya, brunnhilde made you a cheese biscuit, you should go check it out!
21. mimilove68 wrote:
22. porkyporks wrote:
23. porkyporks wrote:
 you can find it on the bottom row of the second page of gallery
24. mimilove68 wrote:
 thats so nice im so happy
25. porkyporks wrote:
 do u know why they made one for u?
26. mimilove68 wrote:
27. porkyporks wrote:
 gotta go
28. mimilove68 wrote:
29. mimilove68 wrote:
30. mimilove68 wrote:
31. porkyporks wrote:
 why, hello.
32. porkyporks wrote:
 i see you've been "inspired" by others artwork lately.
33. porkyporks wrote:
 jks, love ya!
34. Shanley wrote:
 so cute! nice to see you too!
35. porkyporks wrote:
 ; )
36. mimilove68 wrote:
 I've been inspired! its from the internet. after that email ill take it as a joke but im still not shure. :!
37. mimilove68 wrote:
 i mean sure
38. mimilove68 wrote:
 u dont have to talk to me i just want to know if your on
39. mimilove68 wrote:
40. mimilove68 wrote:
 hey busy on a pic brb
41. KJLavigne wrote:
42. matthew wrote:
 Too cute...
43. luigieatsspagetti wrote:
 adorable! he is soooooo cute!
44. zum117 wrote:
45. Gemini8 wrote:
 Awww!! He is Soooo cute!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! :)
46. porkyporks wrote:
47. OliviaW wrote:
 Very cute

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