Title: St. Jerome - Patron Saint of Libraries
created on 22 Jan 11

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1. mrozowski wrote:
 In the late 4th-century he translated the Bible to Latin. His version became known as the Vulgate. I could not fit the book in the picture. He is also the patron saint of archeologists and scholars; hence the skull.
2. five wrote:
3. hanging wrote:
 Wonderful pic!
4. mdawrcn wrote:
5. mum23 wrote:
 Fantastic drawing!
6. bluemoon wrote:
7. jennifk wrote:
 wonderful job on this! woulda never thought libraries had a patron saint.
8. hjjr wrote:
 interesting info and great pic... why not put it in the new Showcase
9. mrozowski wrote:
 hjjr, I tried to put it in the new historical figures showcase, but since I already put it in the communications showcase, I cannot put it in the new showcase. If I'd known, I might have waited a day, but he does fit both.
10. Login wrote:
 Superb pic. We need him here ... the internet is killing our libraries.
11. mrozowski wrote:
 Login, I agree completely.
12. polenta wrote:
 Fantastic pic
13. NADIA wrote:
 This is amazing,what a wonderful artist you are,and I agree libraries are almost extinct,so sad.
14. skynyrd wrote:
 WOW nice pic.
15. KJLavigne wrote:
 Well done.
16. tarkio wrote:
 How did I miss this drawing? This is fantastic, and a must for my "favorites" gallery!
17. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Like tarkio, how did I miss this wonderful drawing?

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