Title: The Last Of Their Kind
created on 04 Jan 11

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Comments on this picture (21):
1. GingerNinja wrote:
 The T.A.R.D.I.S. and The Doctor from the Sci-Fi show "Doctor Who".
2. Brunnhilde wrote:
 This is a fantastic silhouette.
3. GingerNinja wrote:
 Thanks! AS you can tell, this is the 10th Doctor.. "Team (Ten)nant!" :)
4. bluemoon wrote:
 great work!
5. Login wrote:
 Superb silhouette.
6. skynyrd wrote:
 excellant work
7. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Great silhouette, you can recognise him easily by his coat and hair!
8. laurensparkle wrote:
 this is really good i reconised him as soon as i saw it this is really good
9. Dragon wrote:
 Yes, instantly recognizable in this fantastic pic. (He was my favorite Doctor too, now if Space Channel would ever show his last season I could catch up on what happened after Donna left!)
10. GingerNinja wrote:
 Thanks everyone! Dragon, I loved Donna...things weren't the same after she left :(... :)
11. TalkingCookie wrote:
 you know what else it can be? Draco Malfoy standing next to the Vanishing Cabinet ! am i right??
12. GingerNinja wrote:
 Tookie, don't turn this to Harry Potter...Draco doesn't wear a trench coat, and the vanishing cabinet is slimmer and doesn't have a light at the top... :)
13. TalkingCookie wrote:
 :P :/ you make me sad ninjer. can't you let an overly obsessed Harry Potter fan express their views? geez louise ninjer mean much?? lol jk but seriously let me dream ninjer :D
14. GingerNinja wrote:
 Tookie, when I'm talking about Doctor Who, it's serious business lol :) :) :) :) JK....Rowling :)
15. TalkingCookie wrote:
 yea well , when i talk about Harry Potter it's sirius(Black!!!) business ha ha i made a funny!!! EXTERMMINATE (remember ninjer yeaaa good times)
16. suzze wrote:
17. tunatovah50 wrote:
 love his hair..haha no pears for him! :)
18. KJLavigne wrote:
 Nice cover for a mystery story.
19. indigo wrote:
 You're very good! Well done!
20. GingerNinja wrote:
 Thanks! Tookie...EXTERMINATE! gtms :)
21. kloi wrote:
 i love this pic wow