Title: unfinished.. heron
created on 14 Nov 10

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1. marg wrote:
 just realised it's the end of the showcase, and I wanted to do one.. but ran way out of time to do it poroperly - sorry !
2. marg wrote:
 er, hmm.. that was supposed to be 'properly' but maybe 'poroperly' fits it better :)
3. mdawrcn wrote:
 I don't know why you apologize. Looks near perfect to me. Beautiful.
4. polenta wrote:
 perfect... and the caramel lines in the sky are extraordinary.
5. Geetha wrote:
 It is so beautiful.
6. mum23 wrote:
 Beautiful marg! The lines of your heron and its reflection are spot on.
7. suzze wrote:
 I would say this is finished ... it's a Beaut!
8. Burgandy wrote:
 Beautiful - especially with the shadow of himself!
9. mekeys wrote:
 Ditto's..beautiful !!!..
10. karbs wrote:
 Beautiful marg,love the colors and reflection!
11. Lizzi wrote:
 This is an extraodinary scene, a time capsule, where nothing else exists. It's all good.
12. matthew wrote:
 Looks done to me...
13. Jazzlet wrote:
 Not my favourite bird, always after my fish, but yours is beautiful!
14. five wrote:
15. clorophilla wrote:
 ditto lizzi... another mesmerizing pic!
16. Qsilv wrote:
 (eyeing it - and you - with one eyebrow rising) "unfinished", eh? Just what, my dear girl, did you intend to layer onto this??
17. hanging wrote:
 Beautiful heron. (this showcase has created great possibilities of 'arranged marriage.) Would you marry my heron? LOL http://www.thinkdraw.com/picture.php
18. zum117 wrote:
19. Shanley wrote:
 beautiful work, Marg!
20. Login wrote:
 A magical, shimmering image. The perfect match for hanging's Heron. How I wish I could enlarge and frame them them both. What a fabulous showcase this turned out to be.
21. bluemoon wrote:
 amazing pic!
22. marg wrote:
 oh, wow.. you are all so generous with your comments. To answer the 'unfinished' bit, I would have liked to redo it all, because I went off the hatching in the sky and thought all of that could have been done much better..
23. skynyrd wrote:
 Excellant pic, i find it to be very serene.
24. Geetha wrote:
 Congrats to you on top five.
25. zum117 wrote:
 congratulations on Top 5
26. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Beautiful! The atmosphere you create is magical!
27. flowerpowermnm wrote:
 Beautiful again and congrats on top 5 for the 20 time (and counting)
28. Login wrote:
 This had to reach Top 5. It has a heat-haze quality. Congratulations, marg ... I love it.
29. Peasy wrote:
 love the color, Marg. You have a wonderful Christmas!
30. Login wrote:
 No-o-o-o! You've deleted the night in shining armour! What happened ... did he come back?
31. Krystenkuhn wrote:
 This...unfinished?No way!I luv this!
32. puzzler wrote:
 Yes marg, young and pretty, it's a curse really and along with the delusions it can be tricky to manage. Thank goodness that wisdom and wit came along at such a young age. Great blackbird by the way!
33. trillium wrote:
 There's a mistake? How? Where?
34. Bellerina wrote:
 This looks amazing, so simple but yet so powerful.
35. Hazer wrote:
 Love it! So serene!

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