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created on 02 Nov 10

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1. indigo wrote:
 Spectacular! ;-]
2. mdawrcn wrote:
3. golehto wrote:
 beautiful :)
4. skynyrd wrote:
 Beautifull McCaw
5. danila wrote:
6. skill wrote:
 good picture very realistic
7. zum117 wrote:
8. suzze wrote:
 Beautiful !
9. hxxhxx wrote:
 soooo fabulous ... anyone who wants to help unwanted parrots should check out Oasis Sanctuary in Arizona the-oasis.org, click on RESIDENTS to see lots of parrot pix
10. mekeys wrote:
 Great bird picture..
11. MPSD wrote:
 very very very beautiful
12. Login wrote:
 Bright and beautiful.
13. marg wrote:
 congratulations on Top 5, Geetha - beaut pic
14. zum117 wrote:
 I like this pic so much congratulations on Top 5
15. ArtisZen wrote:
 Aap ka thoatha Faus-klaus bun naia ha. congratulations on Top 5
16. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Beautiful bright parrot!
17. mermaid2 wrote:
 wow very well done can you follow me
18. tigsy7 wrote:
 creative and fab
19. ArtisZen wrote:
 Boredom can lead to madness in parrots. The birds need constant interaction, affection, and mental stimulation; bird authorities have determined that some parrots have the mental abilities of a 5-year-old human child. When caged by themselves and neglecte
20. ArtisZen wrote:
 for long periods of time, these intelligent, sociable birds can easily become mentally ill. Many inflict wounds upon themselves, develop strange tics, and rip out their own feathers. Should a neglected parrot go mad, there is little that can be done to re
21. ArtisZen wrote:
  restore it to normalcy. In England, there are mental institutions for such unfortunate creatures.

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