Title: Scissortail Flycatcher
created on 01 Nov 10

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1. Login wrote:
 This took my breath away. It's beautiful ... and so cleverly done.
2. inked_gemini wrote:
 State bird of Oklahoma.
3. mdawrcn wrote:
 Wow! Beautiful.
4. bhughes wrote:
 such terrific work inked gemini. Almost hard to believe.
5. Geetha wrote:
 Wow beautiful bird.
6. Geetha wrote:
 it is like a painting, I love this very much.
7. five wrote:
 a beauty
8. clorophilla wrote:
 I feeel I could stretch my arm and touch his soft feathers, feel him trembling and flying away...
9. teach wrote:
 this is too real...looks like a photo. you are an amazing artist
10. golehto wrote:
 just beautiful :)
11. DMarcella wrote:
 Perfectly beautiful.
12. Normal wrote:
13. hanging wrote:
 Gorgeous bird with elegant colors!
14. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Intricate details and clever use of theme.
15. tifsmom wrote:
16. polenta wrote:
 ao pretty!!!!
17. danila wrote:
18. lynnspotter wrote:
 DANG! You are GOOD!!!!!!
19. Login wrote:
 I had to check to see how you achieved that feathery pale blue ... you're a genius.
20. solange62 wrote:
 Excellent photo...pic !:D
21. Lizzi wrote:
22. suzze wrote:
 Amazing and terrific job!
23. marg wrote:
 beautiful, inked ..just absolutely beautiful !
24. Hazer wrote:
25. indigo wrote:
 Beautifully done from his fine beak to his little feet clutching the branch...and of course those feathers! It IS breath taking!!
26. skynyrd wrote:
 Outstanding , very nice.
27. shams wrote:
28. Arw65 wrote:
 wonderful as always. also- just thought i'd let you know that your email may have gotten hacked- i've gotten some spam from you this week.
29. Vals wrote:
 Just beautiful!
30. zum117 wrote:
 like it
31. debray wrote:
 Wow...All of your work goes in my favorites...LOL
32. hjjr wrote:
 splendid bird. . .
33. Qsilv wrote:
 I'm with Login, this is genius. You've got the eye of an artist --and the mind of a computer! ;>
34. mum23 wrote:
 OH, this is gorgeous! Stunning as always!
35. marg wrote:
 I keep coming back to this -it's absolutely gorgeous..
36. DilCoura wrote:
 Maravilhaaa!!!!!!! Muito ,muito boooommmmm!!!!!
37. shooshi wrote:
 Very, very cleverly done.Superb.
38. matthew wrote:
 1st time i have seen the blue on that beak piece used to get the light blue... beautifully done...
39. clorophilla wrote:
 ...and the left edge of the seal's snout... never noticed how much it was light blue... and the beard of the ape... it's green! I always return to this PB out of pure delight... I learnt a lot from thi pic!
40. golehto wrote:
41. Geetha wrote:
 Congratulation on top five.
42. zum117 wrote:
 congratulations on Top 5
43. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Just watching the little bird emerge through your playback is an amazing experience! Thank you, it is beautiful!
44. nancylee wrote:
 Exquisite! I cannot believe the pieces you used for this and how it came out! Seriously, how long does it take to do something like this?
45. lilalee wrote:
46. lilalee wrote:
 The PB is soooo amazing to see.
47. Peasy wrote:
 Gorgeous, inked. I'm from Oklahoma and you've done a beautiful job showing off our state bird. Happy holidays to you!
48. KJLavigne wrote:
 So wonderful!
49. lizmeister wrote:
 My dad was born in Stroud and so I already knew Oklahoma was special! You are adding to its specialness. How about another pix to finish showing the bird's tail! I love your work!
50. chubby wrote:
 chubby who did that and my dad
51. golehto wrote:
 WOW !
52. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 Amazing, truly amazing. :)
53. Luna wrote:
54. tkeys wrote:
 Beautiful !
55. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Thank You inked_gemini I had a great day!
56. oraIReress23 wrote:
 so beautuful.