Title: Transparent Dice
created on 08 Oct 10

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1. mdawrcn wrote:
 This is a tough theme to be creative with, but I think you did it. Good job!
2. ansara wrote:
 WOW!!!! What a clever idea, and so well done!!! :)
3. Geetha wrote:
 Very creative!
4. polenta wrote:
 A creation!!!!!!!
5. arty wrote:
 Oh no. Who voted this down? It's brilliant. Well done
6. Lizzi wrote:
 This is a brain teaser. So well done!!!
7. marg wrote:
 oh, this is brilliant kyung -you're a marvel !
8. kyung wrote:
 Thanks to ALL! Sometimes system's malfunctioning ;o( But, that's ok :O)
9. Normal wrote:
 Good heavens! You even got them upsidedown and backwards - amazing right brain you've got there!
10. solange62 wrote:
 Ditto Normal... I thought I coudn't have this idea
11. pollyesther wrote:
 ditto all! neat idea
12. indigo wrote:
 Clever and cool!!
13. G2race wrote:
14. Login wrote:
 That's so clever ... numbers all in the right places. This took some working out.
15. methinks wrote:
 Very clever!!!
16. bhughes wrote:
 Very clever indeed.
17. danila wrote:
18. pino wrote:
 what an idea,so nice
19. hjjr wrote:
20. cathyallheart wrote:
21. young wrote:
 Lovely dice!
22. zum117 wrote:
23. Login wrote:
 Congratulations, kyung ... a well deserved Top 5 place.
24. Burgandy wrote:
 Congrats!! I missed this one - and it is really good!!!!
25. ferretkiss wrote:
26. jeong wrote:
 26.Jeong wrote: You're brilliant and very creative!
27. hopie wrote:
28. Musicnote427 wrote:
 I;ve NEVER Seen a transparant Dice,But I LIKE IT! :D
29. gracie430 wrote:
 I love your idea! besides,it's so unique and utterly beautiful:)
30. Alissa wrote:
 This is a very interesting peice and idea but what would make it better is a nice color around the outside! dont take it presonally because i LOVE it alot!