Title: Billie Holiday
created on 05 Oct 10

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Comments on this picture (30):
1. 56rosie wrote:
 OOOH!!! WOOOOWWWW!! This s so amazing!! Beautiful, Beautiful!
2. clorophilla wrote:
 Amazing PB!
3. Whiffler wrote:
 Just brilliant.
4. solange62 wrote:
 Beautiful cover!
5. Parisa wrote:
 Ohhhhh!How did u do this!Beautiful
6. marg wrote:
 oh, wow oh wow - how the heck did you think of doing this one ? it's stupendous, Arw - congrats !
7. zum117 wrote:
 u r amazing artist
8. teach wrote:
 This is almost too amazing to believe. And I love Billie!!
9. inked_gemini wrote:
 Ooooh. Very nice Arw. All of your drawings are amazing, but I'm blown away by the things you can do with candy.
10. golehto wrote:
 WOW OMG WOW . WOW ,did i say WOW ? lol great work even on words .love it :) WOW
11. pinkie wrote:
 Amazing picture! Very good use of candy.
12. debray wrote:
 Simply incredible!
13. concetta wrote:
14. danila wrote:
 amazing, not only the face, but the signature, the letters..wow..
15. hjjr wrote:
 very cool pic. . .
16. polenta wrote:
 always good!
17. danila wrote:
 thank you ARW, nice of you..
18. Login wrote:
 It's a photograph ... no, it can't be. It's a genius at work with candy.
19. mekeys wrote:
 I gave it a five and five more for the lettering..You are an..
20. mum23 wrote:
21. hanging wrote:
 My mouth keeps opening like her by watching this pic!
22. Dudette1996 wrote:
 you should be well proud of yourself, i would be
23. evergreen wrote:
24. Angela wrote:
 :0 Ditto Hanging. She's so beautiful. That orange was just perfect!
25. Shanley wrote:
 wow! another Arw signed pic! it has your 'mark' all over it! 5*!
26. kyung wrote:
 Amazing candy pic!! Definately the most beautiful art piece of this month :O)
27. skynyrd wrote:
 Intensely great work.
28. pebbles wrote:
 CONGRATULATIONS on another top five!!!!
29. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5 place ... it's a fabulous pic.
30. danix wrote:
 omgggg...love it love it love it! the writing is just so real and the pic :O dont get me started KEEP IT UP!