Title: from Africa with love
created on 02 Oct 10

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Comments on this picture (37):
1. clorophilla wrote:
2. indigo wrote:
3. abror wrote:
 thank you
4. marg wrote:
 wow - yes.. this is great, abror !
5. Burgandy wrote:
 Feels like I am there enjoying the beauty of this scene!
6. Normal wrote:
 Very nice indeed!
7. Login wrote:
 This reminds me of Kenyan sunsets.
8. Hazer wrote:
9. solange62 wrote:
 Ditto Login, excellent!
10. hanging wrote:
 You captured the amazing scene beautifully!
11. danila wrote:
 wonderful scene!!!
12. robotman wrote:
 wow undeliverable
13. mekeys wrote:
 It's a ditto for me..
14. polenta wrote:
 great , great, great!!!!
15. abror wrote:
 Thank you friends all. I love all of your works too. TD rocks.
16. Lizzi wrote:
 That's the deep black drama of an equatorial sunset...so sudden.
17. golehto wrote:
18. jshundo wrote:
 like a photograph... very cool!
19. suzze wrote:
20. mum23 wrote:
21. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Striking picture.
22. hxxhxx wrote:
 gorgeous! particularly like how you chose to make it panoramic via using only part of the available height
23. inked_gemini wrote:
 This is absolutely beautiful. Love it.
24. Shanley wrote:
 this is beautiful!
25. debray wrote:
 Dramatic beauty!!
26. DilCoura wrote:
27. kmkagle wrote:
28. sheftali52 wrote:
 Very striking!
29. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on a well deserved Top 5 place.
30. anotherronism wrote:
 Wow - doing a landscape in TD. What a great idea.
31. DilCoura wrote:
 Achei lindo!!!
32. laudka wrote:
33. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Stunning! One of my all time favourites!
34. jaxx wrote:
 beautiful wish i was there
35. NADIA wrote:
 This is Fantastic!
36. KJLavigne wrote:
37. AFSOUTH wrote:
 This is beautiful and masterful artwork!

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