created on 01 Oct 10

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1. danila wrote:
 comeS midnight turn off the noise also turns off the sign of the last coffee shop The streets are deserted desterte and silent, last carriage creak is gone.
2. danila wrote:
 The river flows slowly rustling under the bridge slende the moon in the sky sleeps through the city just go in a male frack.
3. danila wrote:
 It has the cylinder cap two diamonds for twins a stick of glass the gardenia in the buttonhole and white vest a bow tie, a blue silk bow tie
4. danila wrote:
  He draws with elegant gait looks dreamy melancholyc and absent do not know where from he comes or where he goes. Who will ever know who is the man in frack.
5. evergreen wrote:
 una canzone fantastica..Modugno..un grande che ci ha lasciato:VOLARE!!!
6. polenta wrote:
 il blu di pinto di blu....fantastico Domenico
7. indigo wrote:
 Bonne nuit, bonne nuit, bonne nuit...Nice story and tune,on YouTube, now I understand your pic...well done danila!!
8. indigo wrote:
 By the way, I now have this tune in my head ;)
9. danila wrote:
 I'm happy you looked up for this..such a lovely song...
10. danila wrote:
11. golehto wrote:
 excellent work :)
12. hjjr wrote:
 great pic. . .
13. clorophilla wrote:
 chi mai sarà quell'uomo in frack? grandissima canzone di Modugno, una delle più belle e malinconiche!
14. bluemoon wrote:
 so haunting!
15. hanging wrote:
 The song sounds really good (I don't understand Italian though) and I appreciate your translation Danila. Captured the nice atmosphere in the pic!
16. Shanley wrote:
 charming pic! great atmosphere!
17. mum23 wrote:
 Love the melancholy sound of the song... and your picture suits it perfectly!
18. five wrote: