Title: A great miracle happened here
created on 30 Nov 08

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1. nancylee wrote:
 The letters on the dreidel celebrate a wonderful event. Typically in Israel they say "A great miracle happened here" whereas in elsewhere they say " a great miracle happened there. I am using the symbol of the holiday to express my continued gratitude for
2. Tim42 wrote:
 This is beautifull
3. nancylee wrote:
 the election. This is my attempt at reproducing the Hope poster. I hope some of you who are more talented will improve on my theme.
4. lynnspotter wrote:
 It's very good! Remember- HOPE LIES in each of us as we do for others.
5. lynnspotter wrote:
 "My hope is in the Lord" & what Gods love brings out from each of us.
6. hdwildmustang wrote:
 No need to improve on this...it is wonderful! God Bless
7. ilovethedarkestmoon wrote:
 Its amazing how well you are able to manipulate the pedals to bring out such a clear image! *****'s