Title: the passer-by's alley
created on 02 Aug 10

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Comments on this picture (21):
1. indigo wrote:
 I love your buildings...your streets! One could get lost...or discover a story.. ;]
2. mdawrcn wrote:
 This is beautiful. Amazing detail.
3. pinklady wrote:
 Well done! Nice job!
4. suzze wrote:
 Beautiful alley.
5. polenta wrote:
 This has your style but there are some new adorable colors. Am I right? Very original and kind of golden somewhere.
6. katpedro wrote:
 Well done.
7. LivelyUp wrote:
 i feel that i am just there on those cobblestone streets!
8. hanging wrote:
 I agree with Polenta. The way how you used colors on this pic is a bit different from the past. Beautiful job!
9. kyung wrote:
10. clorophilla wrote:
 this is quite similar of the "passers' by alley" of my area... I guess those alleys are the same everywhere!
11. pinkie wrote:
 Interesting looking stone work!
12. Jazzlet wrote:
 Great work danila!
13. golehto wrote:
 great job :)
14. golehto wrote:
 THANK YOU SOOOO Much for your help :)I will have fun there :)
15. mekeys wrote:
 Another great work of art..
16. 56rosie wrote:
 Amazing! I love to look at the PB's of your work. You have such great focus on color and dimension.
17. gimzer wrote:
 LOVE this!
18. stingray wrote:
 love it
19. tamara62 wrote:
 amazing work
20. hjjr wrote:
21. chelydra wrote:
 your most recent gallery full page is astounding