Title: Neuschwanstein
created on 20 Jul 10

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1. Dragon wrote:
 Wow, your attention to detail is astounding! This pic is amazing.
2. golehto wrote:
 wow ,,Amazing :)
3. hjjr wrote:
 inked gem, this is super!
4. bhughes wrote:
 OMG inked gemini!! this is great.
5. methinks wrote:
 Incredible detail!!!!
6. skynyrd wrote:
7. five wrote:
 wow - caught my eye right away. Super detail.
8. mdawrcn wrote:
 Ditto all!! Amazing patience and eye for detail!!
9. indigo wrote:
 Incredible how you put this together...playback is wonderful! Magic in the detail...SUPERB pic!!! Deserves a 10!
10. Qsilv wrote:
11. hanging wrote:
 Wowww! detail.. detail... beautiful!
12. polenta wrote:
 you won't believe me but I'm out of favorites. It's incredibly detailed. It must have taken considerable hours of patience. Congratulations on this beauty!
13. inked_gemini wrote:
 Lol, of course I believe you polenta. Your kind words are enough. I enjoyed doing this picture. It was actually a really fun draw.
14. gimzer wrote:
 Absolutely exquisite.
15. DilCoura wrote:
 Absolutamente incrível!!!!!!! Maravilhooooooso
16. DMarcella wrote:
17. Hazer wrote:
 This is just wonderful! Thank you for entering it in the challenge.
18. Lizzi wrote:
19. mrozowski wrote:
 What a visual and creative treat. Thank you for sharing!
20. matthew wrote:
 Nearly flawless... The planning & orchestration was perfection... This was quite a joy to watch as it came together...
21. inked_gemini wrote:
 Perfection is only in the playback...because playback doesn't play back all the undoing that I did.
22. matthew wrote:
 Shhhhh don't tell...
23. katpedro wrote:
 In my Trini tongue all I can say is "u good 2 bad"
24. mum23 wrote:
 INCREDIBLE!! So, so wonderful!! Fantastic drawing!
25. Vals wrote:
26. xgasmanx wrote:
 I have been there, it looks just like it!!!
27. belladonnis wrote:
 This is honestly the best pic I have ever seen on TD! It is so beautifully done!
28. sheftali52 wrote:
 I have seen this castle, and this looks like a photo of it!!!
29. Normal wrote:
 (And how many unsuspecting Americans think Walt Disney dreamed this up?) Amazingly well rendered!
30. gimzer wrote:
 I'm back visiting the castle. Just like the real thing, can't get enough views of it...
31. solange62 wrote:
 Wonderful and fantastic job!
32. NADIA wrote:
 This is Fantastic!
33. jshundo wrote:
 such amazing detail!
34. clorophilla wrote:
 I'm speachless!
35. Login wrote:
 "Nearly flawless..." matthew! It's like being there in person once again ... it's fabulous.
36. Login wrote:
 You must have visited Bavaria to be able to reproduce this so perfectly ...
37. inked_gemini wrote:
 Yes. But that was a long, long time ago. The picture I referenced was from the family photo album however.
38. Shanley wrote:
 Your accuracy is simply unbelievable! With every pic I hope I've seen it all, yet I always get amazed by the next one, lol!
39. gair wrote:
 A masterpiece!!!!
40. uwillfly2001 wrote:
 Wow! Amazing!! Whenever I start to think that Think Draw is a little limiting in what you can do with limited pieces, someone like you comes along and proves you can do anything here!
41. Luna wrote:
 I've come out of hiding just to say WOW!
42. inked_gemini wrote:
 Do come out of hiding for good Luna. We miss you dearly.
43. mebu27 wrote:
 OMG this is awesome!!! I was on the sudoku website and this came up on the right side to advertise TD.
44. ferretkiss wrote:
45. mekeys wrote:
 I missed this first time around.I too saw this on sudoku website..this picture is a least a 20..too bad we can only vote once..I vote this picture the best I have seen on TD..I like it better than Old San Juan,which was also a FANTISTIC picture..(7-22-10)
46. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Thanks for my birthday wishes, inked gemini! And WOW! to you artwork on here!
47. pollyesther wrote:
 WOW! missed this somehow, it's superb! Very special.
48. suzze wrote:
 WOW! I have been away, so glad I found this....FANTASTIC!
49. 56rosie wrote:
 YOU are a FANTASTIC talent! I am positive your talent extends to many mediums.
50. kyung wrote:
 How beautiful!!
51. katy8 wrote:
 love it
52. danila wrote:
 oh!!I'm speechless..this is the best ever for me!!thank you for doing this showing us how far can go Art on TD !!!
53. marg wrote:
 this is colossal, inked - just superb.. I'm pretty lost for words, so will just go and watch the playback again.. and again.. thank you, thank you !
54. Login wrote:
 Congratulations, i_g. Two superb drawings in Top 5.
55. gair wrote:
 Very deserving wins, congrats on Top 5.
56. solange62 wrote:
 Congratulations 4 your Top 5 pics, they deserve more than 5...
57. pollyesther wrote:
58. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Your in a league of your own, the playback is astounding, I simply don't have the patience or the skill to do what you do ink fantastic!
59. mdawrcn wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5. Ditto what Steve said.
60. lilalee wrote:
 Your beautiful pieces just stand out!! Amazing what you do with all these little parts!! Love it, love it!!
61. xgasmanx wrote:
 I have been there. Identical! Great job.
62. bhughes wrote:
 Thank you for the vote on TW. I posted a message. :D
63. bhughes wrote:
 congrats on top5 !!!
64. GingerNinja wrote:
 I love this castle, and you have recreated it beautifully!
65. anniebats wrote:
 what is the maining by the
66. hxxhxx wrote:
 SPLENDID! another superb super-artist drawing
67. Dreamdust wrote:
 Epic work!^^ I love this!
68. bubblegumgirl wrote:
 wow i love it what is it made out of anwser on one of mine im bublegumgirl search and replyon my pic
69. cathyallheart wrote:
70. Virgil wrote:
 Just as impressive as the real thing.
71. hopie wrote:
 wow im only 8 please look at my pictures please i love all your pictures love them all
72. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 I've given you your 48th favourite! This says so much for your talent, every picture of yours amazes. I hope you are using your art to bring joy to many more people than just us on TD. I'm sure you must be.
73. jaxx wrote:
 amazing picture
74. lilmiss wrote:
 I am flabbergasted by your ability to use this media as beautifully as you do. I wish I had half the talent. You are the creme de le creme of TD.
75. lilmiss wrote:
 Oh forgot to comment on the pic lol...You have captured a 3D needlepoint effect here that blows my mind! on a scale of 1 to 5 you're a 10 at the least.
76. AFSOUTH wrote:
 12/12/12 Congratulations on achieving and holding onto the most favorites awarded by your peers for artwork done in Animals!
77. Login wrote:
 i_g, I never tire of replaying your masterpieces. Each one is an art lesson.
78. JadenFicklin wrote:
 Truly amazing, I am astounded!
79. IanTheMartin wrote:
 This is a Marvelous picture! love it!