Title: Coming for you
created on 16 Jul 10

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Comments on this picture (30):
1. matthew wrote:
2. gimzer wrote:
 very sweet
3. katpedro wrote:
 Wow ready foir action
4. Login wrote:
 A gorgeous pic.
5. suzytron wrote:
 I love the round furry ears and the way you did the paws!
6. mum23 wrote:
 He's gorgeous!
7. mdawrcn wrote:
8. indigo wrote:
 Very well done!! I also love the paws!
9. timo10 wrote:
 how u do that thats boss
10. mekeys wrote:
11. Doug wrote:
 Looks too sweet to get into a "heated" battle. Love it!
12. Hazer wrote:
 Thanks for your comments everyone...looks can be deceptive, Doug, but you're right, I should have drawn his papa for the showcase!
13. danila wrote:
14. Dragon wrote:
 hehe, reminds me of the Telus ads! This is great, I love the look on his face!
15. Hazer wrote:
 Aren't the Telus ads just the best, Dragon? I love that little hippo in the bath!
16. five wrote:
 too cute to be scary. love him.
17. nadine wrote:
 adorable and very cute. amazing!
18. suzze wrote:
 very cute kitty.
19. nasonaso wrote:
 cute & beautiful
20. LivelyUp wrote:
 meow. :-) i love that he is coming straight toward the 'camera'
21. skynyrd wrote:
22. Hazer wrote:
 Thanks everyone!
23. Normal wrote:
 Love your young heat symbol - he's perfect!
24. Jazzlet wrote:
 Cute little fella, love the way you have captured movement.
25. Qsilv wrote:
 *twinkly look* ..well HE thinks he's hot!
26. DebbieBreau wrote:
 Perfect..is right...I love any animal from the cat family...have lots of cats and would love to have lions and tigers if I could.
27. alexis30078 wrote:
 he looks like simba from the lion king (kid form)
28. Angela wrote:
 Stunning :o
29. mebu27 wrote:
 I love the look he has on his face
30. Alissa wrote:
 i enjoy cats. this beautiful cat looks wonderful and happy in this peace

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