Title: The Predator
created on 15 Jun 10

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Comments on this picture (33):
1. inked_gemini wrote:
 ...without his mask on.
2. Qsilv wrote:
 ...just infuriatingly fab!
 Great job
4. indigo wrote:
 This is so realistic!! I mean just look at his eyes....this IS the Predator!
5. nasonaso wrote:
 sure without his mask there is no mask like this scary,,, by the way I love all your pic.
6. Normal wrote:
7. skynyrd wrote:
 Great work...perfect
8. Angelia wrote:
 Very good and scary!
9. Login wrote:
 Aaaahhgg! I had hoped I would never get a close up view of the creature that scuttles across the hearth rug, every evening.
10. mum23 wrote:
 Really, really well done!! Wow! My little girl (4) just saw this and said it was 'so disgusting'!! Lol!! Great job!!
11. Hazer wrote:
 Creepy!! Well done!
12. Arw65 wrote:
13. clorophilla wrote:
14. sheftali52 wrote:
 Scarily ferocious!!
15. PatGJ wrote:
 Something definitely out of Dr. Who - gruesomely wonderful
16. bhughes wrote:
 Only a face a mother could love, LOL. This is one amazing pic Inked _gemini... the colors the everything, well done.
17. suzytron wrote:
 I have one of these in the closet-guess I'll keep the door closed...
18. danila wrote:
 so disgusting as it should be...Great job ..as usual...
19. Shanley wrote:
 striking! can't believe the number of pieces you have used here!
20. debray wrote:
 Amazing work...
21. hjjr wrote:
 Congratulations on TOP 5, inked gemini.
22. nasonaso wrote:
 Congratulations on TOP 5
23. kernowman wrote:
 congrats on all your top 5 pictures
24. mum23 wrote:
 Congrats on a well-earned Top 5!
25. Shanley wrote:
 ditto Kernowman! Hope to see you more often on TD, IG!
26. Login wrote:
 Now, this is nowhere near as good looking as Clint Eastwood but it's equally as clever. Congratulations on Top 5.
27. bhughes wrote:
 Congrats from me too !!! :D
28. five wrote:
29. pollyesther wrote:
 congrats! He's terrifying!
30. Doug wrote:
 Jeez, I can hear that noise it makes right now!!! PERFECT!
31. mdawrcn wrote:
 congrats on Top 5!
32. Angela wrote:
 This could give me nightmares! Esp horrific are those eyes.
33. Angela wrote:
 Congrats on Top 5!