Title: gallery by moonlight
created on 14 Jun 10

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Comments on this picture (30):
1. indigo wrote:
 Very, very good...I LOVE this! Thanks for your comment on mine ;]
2. mum23 wrote:
 Your artistic vision is extraordinary... thanks for sharing it. This is wonderful!
3. danila wrote:
4. artdillon wrote:
 or tate modern..perhaps?!
5. clorophilla wrote:
6. Normal wrote:
 Eerie! Fascinating shadows.
7. polenta wrote:
 fascinating indeed!!!!!!!
8. sheftali52 wrote:
 YOur pics draw me in, and make me look and think....
9. ferretkiss wrote:
10. PatGJ wrote:
 Another winner but surely Barcelona and not the tate modern .....
11. Dragon wrote:
 This is soooo clever!
12. inked_gemini wrote:
 Love this. Your stylistic approach is both unique and clever. And all your pictures are just superb.
13. Qsilv wrote:
 clever concept well done
14. PatGJ wrote:
 Lol ... sure will!
15. gair wrote:
 Striking!!!Especially love the figure. Did you see my CELEBRATE AFRICA? It reminds me of your great profiles, but not nearly as well done. Your CURTAIN MAKER remains my all time favorite. It is filled with emotion.
16. mrozowski wrote:
 Wonderful light and art.
17. debray wrote:
18. hanging wrote:
19. five wrote:
 very nice interplay
20. GingerNinja wrote:
 Wonderful! Nice imagination!
21. PatGJ wrote:
 Lol ... you must have had a rough night then!
22. jshundo wrote:
 great study of light and shadow!
23. PatGJ wrote:
 Hope you had a good holiday ... miss your artwork - come back and give the others a run for their money ....
24. PatGJ wrote:
 Where have you gone? - I am so pleased you are still somewhere on this planet
25. PatGJ wrote:
 Ditto ... but keep on popping --- not surprised as your art is awesome ... would love to see some of your original stuff sometime - how about a lesson or thousand?
26. PatGJ wrote:
 Will do .... I shall keep on the lookout for you
27. hjjr wrote:
 miss u
28. Shanley wrote:
 hope you'll come back soon, your work is missed
29. danila wrote:
30. Login wrote:
 artdillon, your drawings are amongst the very best ... but I'm reluctant to 'favourite' them, for fear that you'll delete any that get into Top 5.