Title: beautiful
created on 01 Jun 10

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1. Chinky wrote:
 That eye really caught my attention.
2. mum23 wrote:
 You're right, nasonaso!, and Chinky too! Beautiful indeed!
3. nasonaso wrote:
 thanks chinky & mum 23 you are amazing
4. matthew wrote:
 Where did you come from? Great pic... A hearty welcome to Think Draw...
5. nasonaso wrote:
 from egypt ,,,, ha ha ha thank you very much
6. AshleyMorgan2284 wrote:
 so talented!
7. debray wrote:
8. five wrote:
9. Login wrote:
 Wow! The replay is fascinating.
10. kernowman wrote:
11. autumn wrote:
12. bhughes wrote:
 Nasonaso, Geez, what can I say, she is breathtaking. Wow!!! wish I could do this kind of work. Great job.
13. clorophilla wrote:
14. salma79 wrote:
15. solange62 wrote:
 Wonderful pic!
16. pinkie wrote:
 Very good picture. Well done.
17. Shanley wrote:
 lovely lady
18. inked_gemini wrote:
 Wow. This is fantastic.
19. katpedro wrote:
20. polenta wrote:
 such a good pic!!!
21. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
22. LivelyUp wrote:
23. marthacc wrote:
 love it
24. danila wrote:
25. indigo wrote:
 Brilliant use of Avatar pieces!! EXCELLENT WORK!
26. pollyesther wrote:
 Wow! im blown away by this, youre very talented!
27. skynyrd wrote:
28. Normal wrote:
 Definitely a beauty!
29. hxxhxx wrote:
 fabulous! immediately engages the viewer.
30. kyung wrote:
 Beautiful girl she is!
31. mum23 wrote:
 Thanks always for your wonderful comments! This amazing picture already has 29 votes, and deservedly so! ...and looking through your gallery .. you are very talented!
32. marius wrote:
 Wonderful. Great expressiveness.
33. hjjr wrote:
34. Hazer wrote:
 What a great pic, nasonaso! You're an inspiration to us all!
35. PatGJ wrote:
 Very beautiful!
36. danix wrote:
 Nahhh its not beautiful !!!... ITSSSSS FABULOUS AND OUTSTANDINGLY ~beautiful~
37. golehto wrote:
 ur work is beautiful :)
38. nona6 wrote:
39. marg wrote:
 brilliant - the eye is superb - the pic is really outstanding
40. Babyangel2000 wrote:
 truly outstanding and amazing.so beautiful. its magnificent, absolutely radiant.
41. mrozowski wrote:
 It's all been said. Knock-out gorgeous drawing.
42. Login wrote:
 Congratulations ... this is a stunner.
43. hjjr wrote:
 Congrats on TOP 5!
44. mum23 wrote:
 Congratulations on a well-deserved Top 5!
45. kernowman wrote:
 congrats on all your top 5 pictures
46. bhughes wrote:
 Whoo hoo !! had to be on the top 5!! Congrats :D
47. five wrote:
48. pollyesther wrote:
 Grats!! Stunning pic
49. mdawrcn wrote:
 congrats on Top 5! Love this
50. katy8 wrote:
 Ø§Ù†Ø§Ù†ÙØ³ÙŠ اكون فنان زياك
51. kyung wrote:
52. hopie wrote:
 lov it man i cant do that
53. CHANTAL wrote:
 wow.. your incredible.. i wish i was.
54. Gayanelala wrote:
 Beautiful and how did you do that
55. Aira wrote:
 Oh God, this is amazing!!!!! How long did it take you to draw this???
56. shortygirlyep1423 wrote:
 oh my that is so beautiful who teach shortygirl please
57. Burgandy wrote:
58. jessicalouisa wrote:
59. emilyelizabeth94 wrote:
 This must've taken a long time. It looks amazing!

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