Title: The Huckleberry Spirit
created on 14 Apr 10

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Comments on this picture (16):
1. spam wrote:
 Like this
2. chelydra wrote:
 same idea as the old English 'Green Man' (personification of plant spirit & wildness)?
3. Hazer wrote:
 Haven't been here a lot to comment and have enjoyed going through your gallery coho...great pics and imagination!
4. debray wrote:
 Very creative...Love it!
5. coho wrote:
 Every plant species has a deva that tends to all things pertaining to the species. I actually once saw what I believe to be the huckleberry deva. I was on my belly crawling thru a huckleberry thicket when I saw this being made of purple light. She appeare
6. marius wrote:
 Oh goodness, Coho ... please finish that story!!! Have read about plant devas and want to know more! Please!!!
7. marius wrote:
 And, delightful pic btw.
8. coho wrote:
 She appeared to be washing herself, or it looked to me like washing movements, she turned and looked right at me,( her eyes were much larger than my pic) It is the only time I have ever seen such a thing and I had not been eating, drinking , or smoking an
9. NADIA wrote:
 Amazing,the story and the pic!
10. marius wrote:
 Thanks for answering, coho. I attend sweat ceremonies, hear stories similar to yours. VERY special to see deva, little person or other!
11. marius wrote:
 Has coho read "The Findhorn Garden?" You can google. It's in Scotland, about working with elementals in the garden. Hope you get to see more devas, and draw pics for us too!
12. coho wrote:
 Yes I have read the Findhorn Garden also to hear angels sing. The only other time i've seen a spirit was in a sweat lodge, these little blue balls of light flew around and hovered in front of people, Marius, have you seen those sweatlodge lights? I've on
13. marius wrote:
 Have not seen that, but have seen other lights. Do see what I've been told is prana. Only see that near trees, and mostly in the woods. Life is wonderful and mysterious! : )
14. marius wrote:
 Just wanted to say thanks! My new book, To Hear Angels Sing, arrived in the mail just now! : )
15. coho wrote:
 Cool! Yes Wonderful and Mysterious!
16. marius wrote:
 Have not seen any deva's but left you a fun deva story on my pic "WTL, walk, talk, lunch" : )