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1. 31 Jul 2022 22:21


I am finding that when I go to my profile and click to view all of my pictures I am shown the main gallery with everyone's pictures? Is it just me?
In any case this post pushes the spells to retrieve lost lovers down post a notch. Not a bad thing

2. 3 Aug 2022 14:28


So nice to hear from you again!

When I use the link on your profile page: it goes to your pictures.

I'm afraid I'm not sure how to get rid of psychic spells anymore, sorry.

3. 3 Aug 2022 20:14


Yes, today it does. When I typed the original comment it refused to go there.
I am occasionally here reading the forum, but am unable to draw. It is frustrating. Baldur doesn't have the tech skills to analyze the problem let alone correct it

4. 3 Aug 2022 20:26


I am of the lowest tier of ludditism and un'learn'able lol. Thankfully my roommate was able to resurrect one of Robert's laptops for my use. He had to wipe out everything and install a new operating system. Robert passed away and took all his passwords with him. I destroyed a dumpster full of personal electronics that would never be of use to me but yet contained a lot of personal information....removing hard drives, drilling holes in them, soaking them in vinegar, dousing them in holy water and dancing naked around them under a full moon while chanting in ancient mesopotamian
Time moves on

5. 19 Sep 2022 22:35


it does indeed...