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Forums - Think Draw Feedback - Yes, Forums & more still Available *after* Flash

1. 31 Dec 2020 11:36


This site is actually written in a standard code (HTML with CSS formatting). That should all continue to open just fine.

This means we can continue --
as long as Rachel continues hosting the website.

Flash is an extra trick embedded in specific spots.

WHEN FLASH IS DISABLED, we will NOT be able to--

1. - create NEW drawings

2a - see the drawing inside the large Feature Window

2b - watch PLAYBACK of old drawings

...BUT when you click the little "Print" button just below that feature window, the picture WILL pop up...
...and you can just click the "cancel" button there,
...AND then right-click on the image to get a little list of further choices --
........Open image in new tab
........Save image as...
........Copy image
........Copy image address
........Search Google for image

(And yes, still working on more.... patience, grasshoppers...)


2. 31 Dec 2020 12:21


........Open image in new tab -- this will show the featured image with a black background
........Save image as... -- this allows you to type whatever title you choose
........Copy image -- this puts the image in your computer's buffer (short term memory that will be over-written the next time you hit Ctrl-C; use Ctrl-V to paste into a document or paint program)
........Copy image address -- this puts into your computer's buffer the address for opening in a new tab -- a long link which includes the PICTURE ID# and the THEME (ie the Palette that was used to create that picture)!!!
........Search Google for image -- this opens another page, in which Google offers visually similar images AND shows various available sizes of any really good matches
........Inspect -- this opens a view of the HTML code in a partial window on the right side of your page. (There's an X in the upper right corner to close it, still leaving your image open.)

3. 1 Jan 2021 06:40


the playback is still working here (it's 17.30 on Gen 1 here)

4. 1 Jan 2021 06:45


anyway, as long as flash works, we can simply capture the playback with our smartphone and share the video on fb (I actually did it with one of my pictures yesterday)... We can so save some of the best animation we have here, i.e. luna's Seasons
or Arw65's Mystique morph - the best ever on TD in my opinion!