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1. 19 Dec 2019 02:12


Hey... it's been several years since I last mentioned this.. you guys still don't offer a way to change your password, and if I click "Forgot my password" you just email it to me in plain text... meaning you either store it on your database in plain text, or you store it along with the decryption key.

You're not providing even the most basic of security for our passwords.

I request that you immediately delete my account and its associated data, and for gods sake, protect your customers. In this day and age your forum security is shameful and neglegent.


2. 21 Dec 2019 07:09


Hey TD, got to admit, sending back a password in clear text is far from keeping it secure. If the mail account was hacked in or even just the network connection is being traced by a third party, then the TD account will be compromised as well. Having a way to reset the password after identity verification (answer to questions or code sent to phone/mail) sounds like a better option.
@Tryp: personally, I understand your request. However please keep in mind that this is rather a community than some online business. Most users are here just for the fun of using TD to express themselves and interact with other creative people. I'd recommend as well reaching out directly to TD admins by using the Feedback forum about this: