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1. 19 Apr 2012 02:40


How good would it be to have Think Draw as an Iphone or Ipad app. The creativity would lie not only in your thoughts but your fingertips too. It should be done and would be amazing. Do you want a Think Draw App?

2. 22 Apr 2012 11:55


I'm rather surprised this post has gotten no responses.
As for myself this would not be interesting at all. My cellphone is only used to place phonecalls. Generally it is turned off. Baldur likes his privacy.

But really...there is no interest in a ThinkDraw App? that seems unlikely.

3. 22 Apr 2012 13:12


I think the problem is that it requires flash, therefore I can not use Think Draw on my ipad. I would imagine the same issue exists on the iphone.

4. 5 May 2012 18:30


Flash seems to be coming in for a lot of criticism lately, and there seems to be a growing consensus that it's had its day, and no web designers should be be relying on it of there are alternatives. I know nothing about it myself, but came across several remarks to that effect, while trying to figure out some other internet stuff... it seems fine here now, but maybe some other system should be in the pipeline for the future?

5. 5 May 2012 19:00


Q would probably know, I am sure.

HTML5 (and jwerty (a java script?)) are replacing flash for slideshow plugins, responsive website (ones that change to match the screen size etc of devices) etc in website layout design. I do not know enough to know if sites like TD where we can interact and move the pieces and have them play back in an animation (from the steps) are done now in HTML5 but would bet they could be.

The brushes app for iphone plays back the steps in which the drawing is made (it's marks not moving pieces). Been around a couple years now. It would use apple's iphone operating system.

Flash is said to be dying off. I think Adobe may even be redesigning it to work on HTML5 coded sites, rather than needing the flash player but i could be wrong.

6. 6 Dec 2019 18:53


I wish I could use think draw on my iPad , my computer broke and it's not likely I'll get a new one anytime soon. I've missed not being able to use the site

7. 21 Dec 2019 07:12


Hey everyone,

I think it would be much cooler as a multiplatform app. Personally, I never owned any Apple device and prefer to stick to my Samsung for now.

Best wishes for the winter holidays season!

8. 9 Mar 2020 14:16


For this I would need to have my youthful super-vision. I can hardly see my messages on m phone, never mind microscopic bits and pieces of a tiny picture. But you all go ahead and enjoy it while you can!